RRS/Special Regs

RRS/Special Regs

Racing Rules of Sailing / Special Regulations

Racing Rules of Sailing

Australian Sailing has ceased producing the "Blue Book" in hard copy and replaced it with a digital e-book version of the 2017-2020 Blue Book.

The e-book versions of the RRS, including Australian Sailing prescriptions, are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the popular e-book platforms iBooks and Kobo.  All rule references in the e-book versions are bookmarked and searchable, allowing for easy navigation throughout the entire publication.

The e-book publications can be viewed on PCs, tablets, smartphones and e-reading devices.

Blue Book (download from itunes)

Blue Book (download from Kobo)

A PDF copy of the Blue Book (including Australian Sailing prescriptions) may be downloaded here, and a document setting out changes and corrections effective from 1 January 2018 is available here.

Special Regulations

The sport of sailing in Australia has a strong reputation for self-management of safety. An important tool for this is the Special Regulations, whose purpose is to establish uniform minimum equipment, accommodation and training standards for racing boats.

Special Regulations do not replace, but rather supplement the requirements of government authorities, the Racing Rules of Sailing and the rules of class associations and rating systems.

A PDF copy of the Special Regulations may be downloaded here.

Owners should be aware of the following additions to the Special Regulations that apply under the CYCA General Conditions of Racing.

Special Regulation 3.25.1(d):  All boats entered in a BWPS race shall carry a satellite phone on board. The satellite phone shall have a voice and data plan for coverage for the duration of the race and have the ability to be connected to main power or have a spare charged battery.

Special Regulations 4.09(b):  All boats entered in a BWPS race shall carry an AIS transponder and be switched on, such that it is receiving and transmitting. The failure of
any station to receive a signal from a boat’s AIS Transponder shall not be subject to
protest or grounds for redress (amends RRS 60.1 and 62.1(a) and RRS 63.1 shall not

Special Regulation 4.26:  All boats shall demonstrate equipment or method by which crew
may be assisted on board. For BWPS AIS personal man overboard beacons (AIS MOB)
for all crew are recommended and, if carried, numbers should be provided on the crew

Special Regulation 5.01.1(h):  A lifejacket shall be worn by each member of the crew at
times such as, but not limited to:
(i) Between the hours of sunset and sunrise
(ii) When alone on deck
(iii) When the true wind speed is 25 knots or above
(iv) When visibility is less than 1 nautical mile.

Special Regulation 5.01.6: Each inflatable PFD type 1 shall be checked and serviced at the intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer by an authorised servicing agent and documented evidence be submitted as part of the documents required for race entry to the CYCA Sailing Office.